Decluttering Life: Tips For Decluttering

When we think about decluttering our life, we first have to consider how it all got started. Our clutter begins to accumulate even before we are born — and we are not even aware of it.  So it is not even our fault yet!  At this point it is what others people are “doing to us.”  Have you ever noticed that?

I’m  referring to the continuous accumulation of material things in our life. Think about the concept of a baby shower. Even before we’re born we begin acquiring items through this ritual.  Then our family discovers any number of reasons to “shower” us with even more material gifts as we grow up.

Now,  gifts are great, but . . . eventually our room of gifts and toys and stuffed animals morphs itself as we get older into a house of stuff — some needed and some, well, not so necessary.

A favorite saying of people lately is “life happens.”  Life, in fact, is exactly what happens while we ‘re making our plans for the future.  Before we have our plans set in stone, it seems our life situation has changed — and well, so much for our plans.

This is the same thing that happens when it comes to our possessions.  “Clutter happens.”  Look around you.  It’s hard to believe that, at one time, your home was empty – completely empty, to be redundant!  What would you do, if someone told you that you had to leave it all behind, how would you react?

Could you, in fact, willfully walk away from all your material possessions right now?

It is time to find out what items are really important to you. Time to assess the items that you have and determine what is necessary and what items are just clutter.











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