About Us

My name is Maria Jackson and I started see the benefits of decluttering my home in March of 1999. Previously to that, I had been holding onto clutter for years.

I realized that when my mom died in 1996 that I begin to hold onto not only my “stuff”, but all of the stuff that she had accumulated too. I somehow felt that as long as I kept the stuff that I could hold onto her. It took me until I met my husband in 1999 to realize that holding onto the “stuff” was just holding me down.

I begin to slowly get rid of items that I no longer needed or used and started to feel more free. It was difficult, at first, but after a while it got easier. once I was able to separate the items from the memories, the process went quicker. My mother will always be with me in my heart, but I realized that I do not need a bunch of stuff to hold onto her memory.

When my home is neat and organized, it gives some structure and order to my life. This, I have found, makes life run a little more smoothly and leaves me feeling less stressed out. I hope you find this site helpful and I think that you will benefit greatly from my eBook.