How To Declutter The Garage

Learn how to declutter your garage on a regular basis. Why do people leave their vehicles parked in the driveway, exposing them to the elements 24/7 ? It is usually because their garages are filled with a bunch of junk they cannot bear to part with.

Of course, the junk that has piled up in their garage, probably is not worth anywhere close to the value of their vehicle. So where is the common sense there? Now is the time to declutter the garage and make room to park your vehicle there, where it belongs.

OK, so lets start the process now. First of all, ask yourself how long each item has been sitting in the garage. If it has been in your garage for two or three years without being used, then toss it. You should try to either donate it to a charity, sell it at a yard sale or throw it away (if it is in poor condition).

One of the worst things, that many people keep, is cans of partially used paint. Well, get rid of all of those old cans of paint. The next most common item that get stored in the garage is sporting goods. It any sporting item is broken and cannot be easily repair, then get rid of it now.

Other things, to contend with, may be auto accessory items. If you got rid of the vehicle that the accessories were purchased for, then it is time to toss them. If the item is damaged then, of course, dispose of it properly. The next thing is ladders, which can sometimes be more dangerous than helpful. Make sure your ladders are safe and in good condition.

Next, go through and inspect your tools. Get rid of any tools that you never use. Any tools that are damaged and cannot be fixed, should be thrown it away. Although, the tools that are used all the time, should be stored in a tool chest or on a pegboard with hooks. You could also label the pegboard to indicate exactly where each item belongs, that way you can quickly put them away.

The end result will be to get these items up off the floor and put away in the appropriate place. This will give you the room, that you need, to park your vehicle inside the garage(away from severe weather conditions).