Easy Ways to Declutter Your Office And Desktop


Decluttering your office and desktop may be the best thing that you could ever do for your career and yourself. Having an organized work space will allow you to avoid the chore of sorting through the clutter to locate any necessary information that you may need. It is also a great way to impress clients. People usually feel more comfortable working with someone who is organized.

Pay special attention to the layout of the office and be sure that you have a clear walking area between and around the furniture. Make sure that the desk is the appropriate size for the room. If your desk is too big, it will make the room seem crowded. Search for the right office desk for you.

Since you will likely need to house not only a computer, but a printer and a fax machine too, you will need to have enough space to accommodate all of these items. You will be able to increase your work space and better organize your office, if you place your office essentials in their own separate area.

For instance, your printer should be set up on a printer stand and should not be placed on the desk. This will give you more desktop space and you can then place the stand next to the desk for easy access, Plus, this will give you some extra room to store printer paper and accessories.

Also, positioning your desk so that it is easily accessible to the other office equipment is extremely beneficial. If you find that you do not have enough room for all of you files or books, then you may consider buying a book shelf.

It is easy for a desk to become disorganized and cluttered. Begin your desk declutter by determining which items need to remain on the desktop. Organizing paperwork is one key to creating a clutter free desktop. Start out by labeling all the files and folders that may be on your desk.

You may want to get a step file holder for your desk that will allow you to quickly see what may need your immediate attention. You might also consider using stacking trays, they are great for sorting “inbox” and “outbox” items. They also conserve space and are an additional way to keep your desktop tidy. For more tips on decluttering your paperwork click here.

Next, focus your attention on the drawers of your desk. There is a variety of plastic trays and caddies available in you local office supply stores that will assist you in organizing your desk drawer items. Some of them are actually made specifically to fit into a desk drawer. You can utilize them to organize your loose pens, paper clips, staples, etc.

Another thing you should do is to check the floor of your office, make sure that you have not begun to dump items there that you don’t have any room for.

When you are finished decluttering the office, it is quite easy to keep it that way. The best thing to do is to take about ten minutes, at the end of every day, to put everything back where it belongs. This one simple strategy will prevent things from getting out-of-hand once again.












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